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The Protection Your Knives Deserve


Cutting Edge Protection

The world-famous universal knife guards from nosh have been protecting knives (and fingers) since 2012. Our patented design ensures your knives are safe from damage and wandering hands without scratching the blade. The specially shaped opening is designed to make insertion and removal of knives quick, easy and above all, safe.

Works with steel and ceramic kitchen knives of any width.

NH119 Feature 1a.jpg

Easy & Safe to Use

Our patented design incorporates a specially designed flared opening to make blade insertion a breeze. The opening also forms a finger guard to protect your fingers.

TRANSIT Feature 1a.jpg

Perfect for Professionals

Anyone in the food service industry will appreciate the additional safety & protection offered by our knife guards - designed to work fine inside a knife roll for storage & transport.

DRAWER Feature 1a.jpg

Great for In-Drawer Storage

Designed to protect blade edges (and rummaging fingers) when stored in the cutlery drawer. Always ensure that they are stored out of the reach of children.

UNIVERSAL Feature 1a.jpg


Work well with steel and ceramic knives of any width. Just select the appropriate length guard and place the knife heel first into the specially shaped opening.

NH129 view 3a.jpg

Great British Design

100% polypropylene plastic will not scratch your knives. Look out for our new translucent guards - designed to let you see at-a-glance which knife is in the guard.

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Fully Recyclable Packaging

Our no-nonsense packaging is fully recyclable. What’s more, single-item orders will fit through your letterbox so you won’t need to hang around for the postman.